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I already have my own business which is more than can be said for a lot of people my age.

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Sure, everyone WANTS to be friends forever and get matching dainty tats to prove itBest friend you there how can you actually tell if a friend is a keeper versus someone who's really fun and interesting nowbut will eventually fade out of your life?

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Just like romantic relationships, finding the BFF version of "'til death do us part" can be tricky. Here are 11 signs you're both on the right track to be besties for the long haul:.

While you can forgive your BFF for "being bad at making plans" right now, after a while, carrying the sole burden of reaching thege will wear you down especially when your own life gets really busy. Irene S. Nothing makes you feel more secure than your BFF being just as psyched to hang out with Best friend you there as you are with them.

Yes, you or your BFF can disappear for a few weekends when you fall in love or work insane hours at your new job. But you'll still try Best friend you there hang out or at least text to know you're both still around.

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Sure, having identical Netflix Best friend you there is great, but if your friend only wants to talk about the latest episode of Black Frienf when you're going through a rough patch, that could spell trouble. Most times, feeling heard is almost as important as getting advice or solutions.

Ylu experiences jealousyand it can be especially confusing when your best friend is the target. There were probably times they were envious of you.

A best friend is someone who's there for you, no matter what. You can trust them, with anything and everything. Best friends share tears and laughs, almost like. Dangerous secrets not only threaten your friend's life, but it can also affect you as well. Despite the fact that your friend may not want people to know about their. Celebrate your best friend with a personalized playlist. .. Use this memorable song to remind your friend that you'll be there to support them.

Being able to hold back on telling your friend you're super jealous of her promotion is key to keeping resentment at bay. It's what stops you from entering a weird guilt cycle of your friend feeling bad for mentioning the good news in their life Best friend you there thers feeling bad that you can't be happy for them. The other piece to handling jealousy, of course, is htere humblebragging your friend to death, especially when they're not in a good place.

Yeah, some of your friends may forget you just went through a breakup when they show off their new boyfriend, but what distinguishes your true BFF from them Bewt they'll put Best friend you there feelings above their need to happily boast about Best friend you there. You can ask for help without making them your therapist. At the end of the day, you still have other ways of coping than repeatedly piling all your problems frlend the same friend.

You express hurt in a really healthy way. Because if you're that close, you will inadvertently hurt each other's feelings at least once. Knowing how to navigate those situations can actually improve your bond and glue you together.

You give kind criticism, and only when actually necessary. If you have a BFF who says "edgy"-but-mostly-hurtful things about you under the caveat of tjere just tell it how it is," They.

And you will cut them out Best friend you there your life the moment you find an actually-supportive best friend. How does one know a friend is truly just looking out for you?

They also watch their tone and Hot stud for wifey how you react to what they just said, so they don't go too far and hurt your feelings. Never once saying anything behind the person's back is an impossible standard to hold yourself to Best friend you there, but there's a difference between airing out a mild annoyance and building a case against your friend so that your oyu friends will take your side.

You're always doing new things to bring yourselves closer. Your friendship isn't confined to a bar at Happy Hour — you'll plan vacations together or bond over the physical torture that is CrossFit.

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Whatever you end up doing, the main thing is you never feel bored together, or like you're just stuck doing the same exact things you did in high school. You adjust to whatever big life changes come your way.

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Today's Top Stories. Take All My Money: Here are 11 signs you're both on the right track to be besties for the long haul: You're equally proactive about hanging out. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Beware of Best friend you there triend in Your Life.